The Ultimate Family Wish -List: 10 Things Everyone Will Love

Picking the right gift is not an easy task—especially when you have so many people on your list. Make life simpler (and more fun!) by getting something the whole family will love. These 10ten items are perfect for Mmom, Ddad, and the crew of kiddies.

Nintendo Wii Plus Wii Fit Plus
The family that gets fit together has fun together! Everyone will love playing games that challenge the mind and body.

3-D TV
Sure, your flat-screen television is fine—… bBut this one is even better! Get your family the hottest item on the market: an HD 3-D TV! Everyone will want to tune in at your house.

A New Laptop
Your old desktop computer isn’t cutting it anymore. Your family needs something faster, quicker, and more portable. A laptop will help you and the hubby with work and your kids with their studies. It’s a win-win-win.

An iPod Dock
Listening to music never looked so chic. Have a family dance party by blasting the tunes on your new sleek new iPod dock.

Relaxing Hammock
Take turns climbing into the hammock and enjoy the lazy summer days and breezy nights. Relax and relishenjoy your time together.

Delicious Desserts
Still stumped? You can’t go wrong with a batch of sweet deliciousness. Whether you choose brownies, cake, or pies, the whole family will come together over a decadent dessert.

The Nook
Encourage your family to read with this sleek and easy-to-use e-reader. Everyone will love how portable and convenient the Nnook is. Only problem: You might have to buy one for each family member!

Family DVDs
A family movie night can be so enjoyable. Pop the corn, and cuddle up on the couch with your little ones and enjoy a classic family flick …… or two … , or three!

Tandem Bike
Want to really do something together as a family? How about riding a tandem bike? Imagine conquering a new trail with your loved ones. Now that’s what we call team work.|B001IAF69Q&CPNG=sports&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

Board Games
Board games might seem a bit old- fashioned, but they’re still a great gift. Whether you choose a classic game like Scrabble or Twister or something more modern like Cranium, the whole family will have a blast.