The Word on the World of Karl (Lagerfeld Of Course)


In September, The World According to Karl will hit shelves, and the outrageous opinions, poignant perspective, and unmatched insight of the captivating Karl Lagerfeld will be compiled in one place for us intrigued style fans to gleam over, study, and analyze. Will these 160 pages be our full-on view of the real person behind the Chanel brand– the gloved fashion god hidden behind dark designer shades and, often times, a slew of his show's models?

mid-length haircuts

Not exactly.

“People who tell all appall me,” booms a quote in oversized font on one of the pages dedicated to Lagerfeld's reflections on life. I guess we'll forever be missing some parts of his reality if that's the case.

There are more opinions where that came from, though–blunt, honest, ridiculous, wise– however you enjoy them served. Like, “Fashion is superficial. You have to accept that's how it is if you decide to choose it as a profession,” and “The mink is a very dangerous animal that hates man.” The book is broken down into different aspects of Lagerfeld's world where his own words paint what he feels about each. There are the obvious sections: Karl on style, fashion, and Chanel, and then more interestingly, his stances regarding himself, on being controversial, and memories of his mother, Elisabeth.

The problem? “I always say what I think, and sometimes even what I don't think,” Lagerfeld says. Conflicting stances? That can get confusing. Perhaps it's wise to take his plethora of quotes with a grain of salt, then; that is, to use them as a guide to more clearly see the brilliant and artistic mind that has made Chanel what it is today, rather than hold them against the man who uttered them.

What do you think?