This Might Be the Best Thing Haagen-Dazs Has Ever Done…


…Besides, you know, making caramel cone ice cream (cookies and cream is a close second). The new ad from Haagen-Dazs is even better than those two ice cream flavors if you can imagine. Yes. That good. Bradley Cooper stars in the ad up now on the brand's official YouTube channel. The Silver Linings Playbook star flirts with model Jana Perez at fancy dinner party in the “House of Haagen-Dazs” thinking she's into him, when really, it's the ice cream she's after.

Man, don't you just hate when a hot man is holding your favorite ice cream and wants to share it with you? Kidding, totally kidding! While definitely cheesy, we could think of worse things in the world than having ice cream with a handsome stranger. Well played, Haagen-Dazs, well played.

See the ad for yourself below: