Thou Shall Not Doubt Fall’s Berry Stained Pout

Learn it, like it, love it; the berry shades of purples and reds bursting about the makeup aisles this season are beyond hot. There's a color for everyone, whether you're looking for a bold burgundy or a glossy rose. Stripes and Sequins rounded up her top berry colored lipsticks and balms for fall and winter. A lover of the matte look myself, another trend in the makeup world, I'm eager to get my hands on that gorgeous Scarlet Empress lipstick by NARS she suggests.

If you're still wary about the puckering up with a berry pout, check out Miss Natty's Beauty Diary's “Tips on How to Wear a Berry Lip This Fall.” As your lips should remain the focal point, her suggestions include how to downplay the rest of your makeup but still look entirely radiant.

For more berry colored lip-wear, check out our own top choices on Glam Blush.

image via Stripes and Sequins