Thoughtful Gifts for a Graduate

Graduation marks a student’s commencement into adulthood. With all the hard work and growth that occurs during school, students should be commended for their efforts. Though we all can’t afford to splurge on European vacations or cars, a thoughtful gift will hold much more meaning to the emerging academic.

Oh The Places You’ll Go is usually sold out during May and June as friends and family snag copies of the children’s book for rising academics. Though it may not seem age appropriate for someone who is on the edge of adulthood, it provides sound advice for children of all ages. The book explains in the simplest terms possible that the reader is capable of making their dreams come true because no matter how impossible they sound, they are always within reach.

Money is the easiest and one of the most appreciated gifts to give a grad regardless of the amount. While the job market is on the upswing, most students may not have a job as soon as they have their diploma. Any contribution to the rent, food or student loans they will have to pay will certainly help. If handing over cash seems a bit uncreative, get them a giftcard to their favorite store or a general giftcard that can be accepted almost anywhere will certainly put a smile on their face.

High school and college are where we make the most memories, and a new digital camera will capture all those memories for years to come. There are cameras in a range of features and prices, so there are plenty of models that will fit into your budget. Give it to the grad before they don their cap and gown so they can take pictures with their friends and teachers the day of graduation. Just don’t forget the memory card!

Personalized jewelry makes a simple necklace or watch much more special, regardless of how much the piece costs. Many jewelry shops provide engraving services at a modest price. Depending on space, an inspirational quote may be the little something extra they need when moving forward. If they don’t have their class ring already, offering to pay for it will allow the grad to participate by choosing what goes on the ring, creating a memory you both will share.

Graduates are ready to hit the ground running when it comes to their careers, but they may not be properly equipped with what they need to succeed. Depending on their career path, a laptop may be appropriate for many fields of study. If a young lawyer is graduating, a briefcase can work or if they are a studying to becoming a doctor, a stethoscope or other medical accouterment will be a step in the right direction.

Remember, it is the thought that counts when it comes to the right graduation gift. There are plenty of gifts they are sure to appreciate regardless how close your relationship to them may be.