Three Cheers For Another Stylish Season of The Mindy Project


“Season 3 is going to blow your minds,” Mindy Kalingtweeted following Fox's announcement that they had indeed renewed The Mindy Project. Along with the plot line, we hope she's talking about the upcoming episode styles we're to see too. In fact, we know she is. With costume designer Salvador Perez by her side, there's no way fashion won't continue to be a focus next season.

“To have my leading lady producer boss want to talk about clothes all day long is so much fun,” Perez told Glam about working with Kaling. “We'll have these three to four hour fittings where we're trying on clothes and mixing and matching pieces. She goes through a lot of clothes. She can have up to fifteen changes in one episode.”

As for some of the dynamic duo's rules when it comes to Mindy's pieces, there are a few. Firstly, they don't repeat combinations. Individual pieces, perhaps, but never an entire outfit. Next, they don't make labels the center of attention. While Kaling and Perez love using designs from Tory Burch, C. Wonder, Lela Rose, and Kate Spade in the show, it's more important that the clothing evokes a message and tells a story, not that it necessarily came straight from the runway. Lastly, they like to be bold. “Mindy loves color and she wears it so beautifully,” gushed Perez. In response, the twosome love playing with brighter hues and powerful palettes.

As for the future of Mindy's wardrobe, Perez and Kaling have exciting plans. The costume designer gave us a fashion forecast for the upcoming season: “We're sort of looking forward to a menswear inspired style but a feminine version of it. We keep putting Mindy in ties, and she loves it, but it has to be the girly version of the tie.”

We don't know about you, but we can't wait for the stylish new season of The Mindy Project. Any trend you're hoping to see Miss Mindy in?