Throw Your Next Bash With a Packed Party


It’s never hard to think of a reason to throw a party. But when some of your most party-ready friends live far away and can’t make it to an impromptu gathering, whatever the reason, a Packed Party is a perfect way to get them in on the action. Tucked away inside each little box is all the necessary accoutrement for a themed party. Among the Packed Party offerings are: “Birthday Beb” for the birthday princess; “Miss You, Bitch” for the friend who lives too far away; “Pity Party” for your girl who’s on the down-and-out; “You Don’t Need Him Anyway” for the one who just got dumped; “You Pampered Thing, You” for the lady that won’t leave the house without a fresh manicure.

No matter what the occasion is, one of these little guys is an exciting way to show your BFF that you’re thinking about her. The contents of each box changes monthly, and the sender never knows what’s actually being sent. So, consider a Packed Party a surprise on both ends – because you never really know what the party’s like until someone posts a picture on Instagram, after all.