Tips for Working (and Blogging) Smarter, Not Harder


As a blogger and freelance writer, I work in a lot of remote destinations — including coffee shops, hotel lobbies and moving vehicles, just to name a few. I’m the type of girl that wear a lot of hats – so whether it’s my work or my wardrobe, I’ve become a minimalist at heart. Work/life balance has always been something that’s evaded me (even after I quit my full-time job, surprisingly).

As a result, I’m constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently. Here’s two of my top tips for working smarter – not harder. (For the rest of ‘em, click on over to read this post).

  • CANNED RESPONSES: I use Gmail’s Canned Responses feature religiously. For instance, I often receive emails asking for everything from my media kit to advice on how to start a blog. I have responses set up for most of these inquiries, so I just click the appropriate response and voila.
  • STOCK IMAGES: You know those cute brunch Instagrams you take 10 hours to stage? Or that awesome photo of your city’s skyline? KEEP THEM! Maintaining a folder of my own images to use for blog posts has saved me tons of time — plus, it’s a great way to back-link to your own content and social channels. I organize mine in a way that is easy to search (travel, cold weather style, food pictures, etc).

Contributing Editor, Hallie Wilson is the blogger behind corals + cognacs, an almost-daily dose of life and style. Here, she shares outfit inspirations, wardrobe creations and general musings on her evolving list of latest obsessions. Offline, Hallie takes time to enjoying life's little luxuries – like shoe shopping, manicures, and Zara.