Just because it’s chillier outside doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your favorite summer frocks. Get the most out of your warm-weather wardrobe by pairing versatile summer staples such as sundresses, maxidresses, and miniskirts with these essential fall accessories. At the Nordstrom Rack Clear the Racks Event, you’ll be able to scoop up these must-have pieces and make a seamless transition into fall without breaking your budget.

Even your brightest summer dresses instantly become autumn-appropriate when paired with leggings, which protect your legs from the cold while still allowing them to breathe during warmer nights. When it’s too cool for your summer sandals, trade ’em in for leggings’ best friend—a pair of ballet flats.

One of the easiest ways to instantly transition your outfit is to grab a lightweight patterned scarf. Wait until winter for wool, but look for lightweight cotton or cashmere scarves in this fall’s hottest color: burgundy. When it comes to statement jewelry, opt for heavy metals, stones, and some subtle sparkle. Mixed metals and cream tones will be huge this fall.

The Right Outerwear
You can continue to rock your summer outfits with the correct layers. Light knit wraps and cozy cardigans look ultra chic when layered with your summer maxis and minis. Slouchy sweaters look best when paired with slim-fitting, tailored pieces like skinny jeans and a cardigan.