Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate

So, I finished my pregnancy book last week. It was due on April 1, but my editor kindly gave me some slack since she pushed up the deadline by two months because halfway through my writing it she got pregnant and she's about to embark on maternity leave. (You go, Anja!)

I say, “I finished” because I turned in all the chapters. But there's still the matter of the introduction, acknowledgements, and bibliography—and at this point I'd rather hand wash the wall-to-wall carpeting than write another word. So, I've come up with the day's favorite modes of procrastination. If you've got something you should be doing, perhaps you too can consider these fun festivities instead:

1. Play around on Funny Or Die, a site forwarded to me by my brother-in-law where you watch videos and vote on their humor level. Highlights include “Masturbation”—a five-second flick sure to make you chuckle—”The Landlord” featuring Will Farrell and an unlikely co-star, and the following “Perry Hilton with Jeremy Piven” where you will see Los Angeles intellect at its most, like, totally awesome. Because, DUDE!, life is tasty.

2. Browse my friend Bonnie's new well-edited Mother's Day gift selection on

3. Consider where I will escape to write now that I have a freak stalker at my local Starbucks.

4. Ponder which of my talented up-and-coming designer friends I can encourage to enter's just-launched Be Discovered contest in conjunction with Marie Claire magazine. Participants submit a sketch of their own handbag desing, finalists get their bags created, and the winner heads to NYC to act as guest accessories editor for the day at Marie Claire. Cooool.

5. Take a Domaine Ott Chateau de Selle Rosé break to entertain my friends Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani, the owners of San Francisco's Ame and St. Helena's Terra restaurants, who dropped by to give me my birthday present. (Who says rosé is solely for summer?!)

6. Rock some Skynyrd (yes, I'm a closet rocker) on the aforementioned personalized gift, a Fender Squier Mini, which has got to be the best 40-year-old christening ever. It's second in the midlife crisis category only to a red Ferrari. (The latter wouldn't have worked for me, since it doesn't accommodate a baby seat in the back.) Check it:

Can't you almost hear it screaming through your computer? Sooooooo coooool.

7. Feel faintly guilty that my husband is again eating Morning Os for dinner–and then make him a chicken quesadilla after his second bowl.

8. Proudly pass over “American Idol” now that it is sayonara to Sanjaya. He may have sucked but he was the only truly amusing part of this year's ho-hum show. (Bring back Buckey! He was hit and miss, but at least he satisfied my clandestine southern rock craving.)

9. Browse my sister site GlamScene for the latest Hollywood dirt.

10. Write a blog.

–Erika Lenkert

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