Tory Burch Is A Total Techie … and Plans to Wear Google Glass


While a select group of the fashion set had the pleasure of watching Tory Burch’s showing of her 2014 fall collection on Tuesday morning, plenty of the designer’s fans did not. Normally, that’s how fashion works, but this year, the iconic designer did things slightly differently. Using Google’s Lightbox ad technology (which has distributed live content from live concerts) Burch made her show accessible to the “people who care about [the] brand the most,” according to Brian Zeung, Google’s industry director of branded apparel.

In Burch’s case, that means the women who are wearing her clothes. Miki Berardelli, chief marketing officer of Tory Burch, explained to WWD, “We want to be accessible to our clients whenever and wherever they are.” And until Tory’s fall clothes hit stores, her loyal fans will standby. Perhaps this is a reason that the designer is so excited about her plans to get herself her own Google Glass.

Before her show on Tuesday, Burch exclaimed, “I’m getting one—they’re fitting me next week!” By incorporating all of this technology into her brand, Tory is quick becoming a new-age designer—one who engages in ways other than by simply putting clothes on racks. This means using Glass to fill people in on the day-to-day work that goes into putting out her famed product. And with such stylish new frame options, who can blame her for being so psyched about getting one?