Travel Beauty Tips: What To Pack For a Trip to the Tropics


The snow is still thick on the sidewalks and there’s icy streets to be found all along the east coast. It’s the perfect time to plan a sunny escape to somewhere you can sink your toes in the sand. This is what they call resort season, right? Dig those maxi dresses and sandals out of storage and get ready for a warm weather escape. But wait! What does warm weather beauty look like, again? What makeup do you need? What bath and body products and life essentials are required? Allow me to lead you forward into the wonderful world of tropical travel, and the products you’ll need to bring along with you to survive and thrive. Consider this your island vacation beauty packing list!


Primer. The more oil absorbing, the better! I recommend one with SPF, to maximize your sun protection. And don’t forget eye primer, to make your liner last.
Powder. for this kind of travel, an oil absorbing, mattifying powder compact will be your best friend.
Blotting sheets. Hot weather leads to sweat and oil. Carrying around blotting sheets will keep you selfie-ready at all times.
Matte lipstick or lip crayon. A matte lip, especially when applied over lip pencil, will last all day despite the elements.
Makeup setting spray. A little spritz can help your look last, even under sweltering circumstances.

Spray-on leave in conditioner. For curly girls, this can reset your frizziest hair day.
SPF for your hair. Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection from the sun’s harsh rays!
Deep conditioner. If you’re swimming in the ocean or in a pool and then air drying your hair in the hot sun, you will need to replenish it with a good deep conditioning treatment.

Body Products and Health Essentials
Sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the better. Think of taking a spray-on, waterproof sunscreen for outdoor excursions.
Aspirin, Band-Aids and other first aid basics. Simple day to day medical necessities can be surprisingly expensive on small islands. Bringing your basic get-well-soon items with you will be a welcome money saver if you need them.
Mosquito repellent and spray. Have you heard of chikungunya AKA Chik-V? What about dengue fever? Those are two easily contracted mosquito-borne viruses that are rampant in the Caribbean and many hot climates. Bring your bug spray to protect yourself!

Image source: Mikael Jansson for Vogue

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