Travel Buzz: Why KLM’s Economy Comfort is the new Business Class

Airplane travel is essentially part of our job. And while we've jetted around the world on a variety of global airlines, we only recently had the pleasure of flying KLM. We checked in at JFK for our trip to Amsterdam and were informed that we would be seated in the Economy Comfort zone, but we had no idea what a treat that really was.

As we boarded the plane, the economy passengers headed to the right and we turned left to an oasis of sorts situated between World Business Class and the galley. Royal Dutch Airlines' souped up section offers four extra inches of legroom, seats that recline significantly farther back than in Economy, and the opportunity to exit the aircraft before the masses. In between sipping our Chardonnay and watching Clueless, Due Date, and the Social Network, we were amazed to observe flight attendants personally greeted every frequent flier in our section by name.

We felt like royalty as we flew across the Atlantic. Should you have the opportunity to fly KLM, you can secure an Economy Comfort seat for 60 to 150 Euros for each leg of the trip, depending on the duration. Platinum Flying Blue members, or passengers traveling on a fully flexible Economy ticket, can upgrade for free. Flying Blue, Gold, and Silver members get a discount.