Tying the Knot: 3 Easy Modern Buns We Love


The bun has been having quite the year. While it’s always been a popular choice in the ballet studio, this easy, chic hairstyle has been spotted on the red carpet and runway and in countless street-style photos. It’s work-appropriate, easy, and cute—what’s not to love? Check out our three favorite ways to tie a knot (with your hair!).

1. The Topknot
Don’t worry if your topknot looks messy—messy can be chic when it comes to this bun! Put your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Twist your pony so it looks like a piece of rope. Take your twist and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. If your hair is long, you’ll have to twist more than once, but keep it loose! Secure your bun with bobby pins.

2. The Sock Bun
The sock bun is an awesome way to fake a big, thick bun. You can purchase a foam bun (like this one) or create your own by cutting the toes off a sock and rolling it up into a doughnut shape. Start with your hair in a ponytail and grab the ends while holding your pony high above your head. Start rolling the ends into the sock bun while tucking in your hair as you go. Spread your hair across the sock bun and voilà!—instant big bun.

3. The Braided Bun
A braided bun is a fun twist (pun intended) on the topknot. Start with hair in a high ponytail. Split it into two sections and braid each section. Secure each section with a thin hair tie, and twist each braid separately around the top of your ponytail, alternating sides for each braid. Secure with bobby pins. Now go out and look fabulous!