Uniqlo Takes a Trip to the ’60s with Celia Birtwell


Japanese mega-retailer Uniqlo is bringing a blast from the past to Spring 2013 thanks to a designer collaboration with 1960s and '70s print powerhouse Celia Birtwell.

Famous for her Picasso influences, vibrant textiles, and outfitting on rock greats like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones, Birtwell brought the bold back with a 2011 capsule collection at TopShop, and now, she's gracing another high-street brand with her iconic flair.

“You can’t misunderstand their clothing, and the atmosphere in Uniqlo shops is very peaceful,” the London-based creative quipped. Fast Retailing Group and Uniqlo research head Yuki Katsuta added that “she is able to combine the traditional sensitivity toward prints with a contemporary, modern, and unique twist.”

On March 21, the Birtwell x Uniqlo union will hit the brand's UK stores with tunics, vests, capris, and dresses to the tune of Romanian, Jacobean, Bird Song, Dilly Daydream and Cherry Pet Spot, according to Women's Wear Daily. Best yet, all of Birtwell's looks, featuring old and new prints from her abstract archive, will run less than $50, the perfect price to spring forward with.