Vamp It Up in the Bedroom Like Bella and Edward

Tweens, teens, and, let's be honest, adults of all ages, rejoice! It's T-minus one day until the new Twilight film, Breaking Dawn hits theaters. And whether you're loyal to team Edward or team Jacob, we can all put aside our differences to agree on one major thing…. We can't wait for Bella and Edward to finally get it on! (Is that creepy to admit out loud/ in writing?!)

Seriously though, you're totally hoping the highly-anticipated “honeymoon” will be hot and heavy! One thing is for sure: it's bound to be uber-romantic thanks to this gorgeous canopy bed featured in the sexy scene.

And now the most hardcore film fanatics can vamp it up in their own boudoirs with this canopy bed from MASHstudios. The exact same bed that Bella and Edward do the deed in is attainable for a mere $4,400 to $5,100. Small price to pay for a piece of Twilight history!