Vera Wang Talks Life, Leighton, And Why Being Lovestruck Is A Good Thing

Vera Wang is a girl after our own hearts. Yes, we love her regal, romantic designs, but we were beyond smitten with the whimsical designer herself after we chatted about her latest lifestyle offering: Vera Wang Lovestruck. Turns out, she's just as easily enamored as we are—and you, perhaps…

Lovestruck—that's a loaded word. It conveys such a strong statement! Why Lovestruck?
I wanted to find a new definition of love that felt relevant and young and modern and very 'Vera Wang'. It's really about abandoning your feelings, not worrying about the future, and just going with the moment—that’s something we all have trouble doing. We're all thinking about what we should be doing, but its bigger than anything you can even control. You just get carried away—it's that kind of freedom that you have to feel and go with it. It's all emotional—that’s what Lovestruck is to me.

Who exactly is the Lovestruck girl in your mind?
Any girl who follows her heart versus her head—I think we’ve all done that, I know I have! I think you do it without thinking of the consequences; you do it just because you can’t help it. That’s really romantic to me and that doesn’t go out of style—feeling swept away.

What exactly is it about the composition of this scent that reads 'Lovestruck'?
It's all about the blending of notes. The blending concept is a little bit like making a movie. I have been using that analogy because when you come up with a fragrance, it is very 'Hollywood' in the sense of creativity. There’s always a story, whether it’s a wedding story or a teenage story… It’s not about the guy that your parents pick for you, it’s who you pick for yourself and your own heart, and we don’t know the end of that story just yet. It’s a very exotic mix—tuberose and pink guava—but not totally identifiable. There is a darkness to Lovestruck and a little bit of mystery. It’s sensual, and it’s feminine, but not 'happy girly'. It’s different—it’s like 'The Bride Wore Black.'

Why Leighton Meester?
Leighton Meester is a complicated girl. She’s not your typical 'Hollywood' beauty—she is really multisided. She had a complicated life, yet she works very hard at her craft and cares a great deal. And there is a sense of mystery and unpredictability about her aside from her beauty. That’s why (I chose) Leighton Meester.

The Vera Wang Lovestruck Fragrance Collection is now available at department and speciality stores, and on; $48 for 1oz Eau de Parfum, $45 for Velvety Body Lotion.