Vibrant Summer Satchels to Snatch Up Now


Summer schedules are impossible to master. What begins as a regular Friday at the office can easily turn into happy hour after work, followed by an impromptu dinner, and end with a rooftop party. It is vastly more desirable to take advantage of your social life during the warm weather months and your outfit needs to follow suit. Put down the prim and proper work appropriate bags from June to the end of August in favor of brightly colored satchels. You'll be able to fit a host of necessities inside—an extra pair of shoes, eyeliner, and bathing suit (you never know!)—so you're prepared for anything that comes your way. To add to the benefits, these satchels easily transform into cross body bags so you can go hands-free when a random concert implants itself on your calendar.

1. Merona Mini Satchel, $34.99

2. Merona Satchel, $34.99

3. Merona Satchel, $34.99

4. Merona Satchel, $39.99

5. Melie Satchel, $59.99