Wes Anderson Takes Prada for a Spin in Short Film “Castello Cavalcanti”



Though Prada solidified itself as a classic name in fashion, the brand’s most recent project veered towards a bit more experimental. In the latest installation of its Prada Classics series, Wes Anderson’s expertise in film pushes Prada beyond its fashion boundaries.

Debuted at the Rome Film Festival on November 13, “Castello Cavalcanti” stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver who crashes his car into a statue of Jesus in a tiny Italian village. The 8-minute film follows Schwartzman’s character as he enters a new reality of sorts – one that takes place in a town that he learns was home to his ancestors.

“Castello Cavalcanti” joins the collection of the Prada Classics short films that led Prada out of the fashion world (if only temporarily) and catapulted it into other areas of culture like art, film and architecture. “Candy L’Eau,” (directed by Anderson in collaboration with Roman Coppola) and “A Therapy” (directed by Roman Polanski) are two other recent Prada Classics films.

We searched for a reference to perfectly structured bags or ladylike dresses to no avail (really, all we could find was a yellow rubber jumpsuit with a red PRADA logo on the back of it). Though it’s missing our favorite parts of Prada – yep, you guessed it: the clothes and accessories – we’re on board with filmmakers like Wes Anderson reinterpreting the brand and making it appear a bit more dynamic.