What Georgina Chapman Did With Her Summer Vacation


When it comes to travel, Georgina Chapman boasts a wealth of passport pages stamped with exotic locations along with a host of souvenirs in the form of inspiration for future collections and local products. Glam caught up with the designer at the launch of her latest collection, Voyage, to chat about her summer adventures and packing essentials … as well as the one location that's yet to be explored by her—the Galapagos!

“I just got back from Mykonos, that was really great. I brought a bit of Voyage with me so I road tested it. Our first collection was inspired by Istanbul, it's the most beautiful city I've ever been. They have the Grand Bazaar and it's absolutely stunning, it really is. I love seeing artisan local products and getting inspiration. I love buying things and if you get a chance to meet someone it's always interesting.”

The 5 things Chapman thinks every woman needs need in her luggage:

  1. Voyage
  2. Really good sunscreen
  3. Your own pillow
  4. Ear plugs
  5. Great bronzer / tinted moisturized