What Hairstyles Should Silver Screen Stars Sport at the Golden Globes?


With the Golden Globes set to take over our TVs on Sunday, many have already started predictions of which designers the nominees will choose to walk the red carpet in. But from makeup to manicures, beauty buffs have a bit more to look to when forecasting a starlet’s red carpet look. As for their tresses, celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino offered his insights at to what styles Hollywood brightest stars will wear. Check out his predictions below:

Amy AdamsShe has very long, thick beautiful hair with a gorgeous color. You can utilize that hair texture by keeping natural movement and soft sexy waves. She has a wider face shape, so do to make hair too wide and keep tighter to the face and maybe adding a little height.

Jennifer Lawrence – Because of her long neck she can wear her hair up. Not too wide and tighter through the sides and possibly pulled back with added height on top. Volume is in right now, so teased up slightly at root. Higher up in the back to make face look thinner.

Jessica Chastain – She has great bone structure so hair can be worn either up or down. Hair looks on the finer side so she can even add some extensions for volume. Use an iron or different irons to create texture.

Nicole Kidman – She has a deep, low part so she can keep her hair down and as soft and sexy as possible. Should not be too done up.

Rachel Weiss – She can definitely wear her hair pulled back. She has very thick hair, so keep it not too wide in the back and add volume. A messy braid can also be great to help support height.