What to Get Your Guy for Valentine’s Day


Not sure what to gift your guy for Valentine's Day this year? Flowers don't have quite the same effect on most guys like they do on the ladies so we've saved you the trouble of endless online searches for that dude-appropriate gift. From Beats by Dre to his new favorite Neff beanie, we've got your S.O. covered on Valentine's Day. You can go the romantic route and get him clothing or the silly route and go with a gag gift. Not featured on this list: steak. You can't go wrong with cooking your guy a steak dinner. Unless he's a vegetarian or you don't want to cook, then read on!

1. White Heart Pocket T-Shirt, available at Topman for $36
2. Red Cup Drink Koozie, available at Fred Flare for $10
3. Loving Lobster Socks, available at Topman for $6
4. Beats by Dre Pill Speaker System, available at beatsbydre.com for $199
5. Neff Daily Heather Beanie, available at Zappos for $18
6. Jack Spade Repp Stripe Printed Leather Bill Holder, available at Zappos for $165
7. Vans X Curtis Kulig Love Me High-Top Sneaker, available at Urban Outfitters for $65