What to Pack for Adult Summer Camp


If you haven’t heard, summer camp isn’t just for youngsters anymore. Now that Color War is open to big kiddies (aka, adults) the summer staple of heading off into the woods for a week-long adventure is enjoying a revival of enthusiasm. Although the activities may be the same, (arts & crafts, tug of war, slip and slide) the necessities inside our trunks and backpacks are drastically different. Outside of the essentials like sheets, towels, and tennis shoes, here are a few of the goodies we’ll be packing in our weekend tote as we head back in time and return to camp.

  1. Jane Ireland's Botanical Brush Spray may be billed as a makeup brush cleanser, but the mix of witchhazel and grapefruit extracts is actually the healthiest and most effective bug spray out there.
  2. As grown ups who are well versed in #HealthyObsessions, it’s impossible to go an entire weekend without an infusion of Liquiteria All Greens and jolt of energy from our go-to juice destination.
  3. Kind Bars – Healthy snacks with a touch of dessert, because we’re still kids at heart, clearly.
  4. The lake (and the slip and slide) is no place for a bikini. Bring on the return of one pieces!
  5. Honest Sunscreen Spray. Need we expand upon the necessity of SPF?
  6. We won’t tell the (non existent counselors) if this is filled with alcoholic Bug Juice instead of water.
  7. What’s camp without friendship bracelets?
  8. Camp gets cold at night, but a grey hoodie just won’t do when there are Instagram photos to be taken around the bonfire. This Forever 21 Cardigan will keep you warm and ready to pose with your camp boyfriend.
  9. If you’ve been holding out on re-upping your Birkenstock collection, let camp be the final excuse you need to return to the ‘90s.
  10. When it's time for Color War, you'll still stand out in your camp t-shirt as long as you pair it with these Sweaty Betty capris.