What Your “First Car” Story?

Everyone remembers his or her first car fondly. For me it was an SUV. I got it right before my junior year of college at Syracuse University. And this baby got me through some snowy days and icy nights in upstate New York.

I used to love driving home from college for a weekend or vacation. It meant five hours of belting out my favorite (read: embarrassing) tunes. (True story: One time I got pulled over because a cop thought I was distractedly fighting with someone on my cell phone. In reality, I was rocking out to a classic Britney Spears song.) I also relished making stops for cheap fast food and coffees. And I always enjoyed the uninterrupted alone time.

Back at school, I would skip the bus and drive to every class; and I’d make day-trips to my favorite town 20 minutes away from campus. That car was always there to take me where I needed to go.

What was your first car experience? Go to FirstCarStory.com (Subaru’s awesome new site!) and make a fun video about your love affair with a car. And watch mine HERE.