When Susie Lau and Phil Oh Met Urban Outfitters


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Urban Outfitters is stepping up the collaboration game this summer. Following the news of the new collection with Stone Cold Fox for festival attire, the fast fashion store just announced a new partnership with style blogger Style Bubble (Susie Lau) and street style photographer Phil Oh.

As friends from the industry, both Lau and Oh have a passport filled with stamps from countries all over … and endless worldly inspiration as a result. The two teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create a line of six exotic, inventive pieces, ranging from skirts to embroidered bomber jackets. One look at the collection and it's quite obvious that their personal style played heavily into the design process. While traveling in cities including Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Mexico City, Lau and Oh sourced fabrics from different markets, making this a truly global collaboration.

Considering Lau's very distinct style, this collaboration is quite unlike any other when it comes to retailers tapping style bloggers. Urban Outfitters is certainly taking a ris tapping into her vintage inspired, bold aesthetic, but given the fearless way we're diving into bold style these days, we have to assume the Oh, Bubble! By Susie Lau & Phil Oh will be a success. 

Available now online only, from $79-149.