Why Buy When You Can DIY?


Recycle last season’s trends or put a new spin on your tried-and-true classics with these easy DIY tutorials. You don’t need to learn how to sew or to spend a ton of cash to transform your clothes!

1. Give Your Sneakers a Makeover
Have a pair of cute but slightly boring sneakers in need of some pizzazz? We love this studded-sneaker tutorial from Mirror Me—no sewing required! If sewing isn’t your strong suit, glue will be your new BFF in the world of DIY; we love using hot-glue guns or E6000 adhesive.

2. Start Stenciling
You probably have a pair of shorts in your drawer that are a tad boring. How about adding some animal flair by getting wild with stencils? Because I’m Addicted shows you how to create a chic pair of leopard-print shorts, and there’s even a leopard-print stencil available. This tutorial is low-muss and low-fuss and costs less than $5.

3. From T-Shirt to Tank
Have an old oversize T-shirt hanging around? Chances are you do! All you need for this tutorial from Love Maegan is the shirt, scissors, and ribbon. If you don’t have ribbon on hand, you can use strips of fabric from the tee. Super easy and super chic! Maegan also shows you how to create this cute tank with beads instead of ribbon.