Why Won’t Kristen Bell Wash Her Face for a Week?


We know how important it is to wash your face daily, but Kristen Bell plans on skipping the essential skincare step for a week – for a good cause.

The Frozen star will swap out her cleanser and water for Neutrogena Naturals Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes for the brand’s new #WipeforWater conservation campaign in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. While the challenge seems a little lazy when it comes to her beauty routine, it helps bring the issue to light, especially since California is experiencing a serious drought this season. “I think people inadvertently consider water a never-ending resource, and the goal behind the campaign is just to enlighten people that hopefully — not anytime soon — but one day, we will have to start thinking about our water conservation, because it’s not an endless resource,” Bell told People.

The average U.S. household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water every year. But you can join the effort yourself by making a pledge to cleanse you face without water (preferable with a wipe), and the brand will then donate 1$ to the Nature Conservancy, up to $50,000. Plus, you have the flexibility of just pledging for a day or even up to a week like Bell to help the non-profit. “It’s a fun way to engage people, but The Nature Conservancy does really great work protecting ecologically important land,” she said.

What a way to kick off Earth Month!

Watch the clip below: