Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: 5 Foolproof Restaurant Quality Recipes


Comforting, affordable, and relatively easy to prepare, chicken is one of my weekly must-haves at least once a week. Sometimes more. It’s just so easy to remix into any flavor. Asian, Caribbean, Greek, Mexican, or all-American. Sauteed or deep fried, oven baked or fresh off the grill; it’s all good. I take a special pride in exceptionally delicious chicken recipes, because so often chicken can be blah and boring. These recipes have been tried and tested so you know they’re super yummy and super easy! Here are five of my favorite chicken recipes, all found online.

Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk
I know. The name sounds less than appetizing. But trust and believe, Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk will be some of the most succulent, melt in your mouth chicken you’ll ever make at home.

Skinnytaste Chicken Ropa Vieja
Skinnytaste is one of my favorite online recipe resources, and the Skinnytaste Cookbook is a must own, in my opinion. Her recipe for Chicken Ropa Vieja is light and incredibly flavorful. Next thing you know, you’ll be making your own burrito bowls at home with the leftovers!

Mushroom Asiago Chicken by CherylStyle
Mushrooms = Umami flavor and this chicken dish is all about umami. It’s got a deep, lingering deliciousness thanks to the simmered mushrooms and the tang of Asiago cheese. Definitely a keeper.

Sam Sifton’s Butter Chicken
First of all, click here for all of The New York Times popular chicken recipes. Second of all, make sure you try the butter chicken. Indian food can be easy if you just find the right recipe, and Sifton’s step by step makes it look easy despite the bevy of ingredients.

Trinidad Stew Chicken from the Naparima Girls High School Cookbook
Any Trinidadian worth their salt has a copy of the classic Naparima Girls High School Cookbook, and this has become the definitive stew chicken recipe for Trinis around the world. Succulent and slightly sweet, once you’ve tried it you’ll only want more.

Image via Sam Sifton's Butter Chicken.

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