Winter Skincare To Fight This Polar Vortex


They’re calling this the worst winter ever, or at the very least the worst winter in recent memory. Temperatures below zero with wind chills in digits that don’t compute when you look at them. This winter is a test to your mind, body and endurance. When it’s this kind of cold, your usual winter skin remedies may not cut it.

For polar vortex level protection, your products need to be rich, thick and nurturing, offering deeply penetrative moisture that lasts despite the elements. Here are a few recommendations, in case you need to upgrade your face and body care products to even handle the extremes of this season:

  • StriVectin Extreme Cream – Intended for dehydrated, older skin, the patented technology in StriVectinLABS latest is all about giving you silky, soft skin. It involves moisture-seeking molecules and “an energizing oxygen complex.” All you need to know is it feels amazing and will keep your skin moist and soft even when it’s snowing sideways and the wind is howling outside your window.
  • Pooka Elbow Grease – Back in the day your grandma may have used petroleum jelly to keep parts of her body moisturized, but nowadays we know those kinds of ingredients can be questionable. If you’re into skincare products made with pure ingredients, then check out Pooka Pure and Simple. Their Elbow Grease isn’t just for elbows, it’s a coconut oil based formula intended for use on the whole body, and it comes in fragrance like Honey Almond, Vanilla Sand, and Citrus Basil.
  • Carol’s Daughter Body Jelly – When you step out of your warm (but not hot because that will dry out your skin) shower, before you face the winter weather I encourage you to slide on a little of Carol’s Daughter Body Jelly on your wet skin. It’s an intense blend of oils, including soybean, corn, jojoba seed and sweet almond oil. It will lock in your body’s moisture and prevent your skin from looking all dry and ashy. I love it.
  • Talika Cream Booster – If you’re looking for a way to enhance the skincare products you already have, then the Talika Cream Booster could be the device you’re looking for. It promises to increase the effectiveness of your anti-aging creams and serums by using micro-electric pulses, UV light and vibration to deliver the goods where they’re needed, deep inside your cells.

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