Winter-To-Spring Skin Essentials


We’re already counting down the days until we can send our heavy winter coat to the back of the closet and pull out our first sundress. Before the temperature begins to rise, your skin needs to be ready to show off. Here are a few items that will get it in gear for the shift in seasons.

Cuticle Oil
Between washing your hands to prevent the spread of germs and the biting chill of the wind, your hands and nails can dry out, weaken, and split. Treat yourself to a mini spa day by rubbing a few drops of oil into the nail beds and cuticles to nourish them and promote healthy growth.

Lip Balm
While it’s almost an instinct to lick your lips for moisture, the added dry heat that comes with winter can do more harm than good. Slicking on a bit of lip balm in your favorite flavor can quench the thirst of your parched pout. Just be sure not to use too much; some ingredients can dry out lips.

Although your face should be moisturized all year round, so should your body! Slathering on some lotion right after a warm, not hot, shower, can keep the moisture from seeping out. Dial 7-Day Moisturizing Lotion is infused with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients skin needs to stay silky smooth as you shed excess layers of clothes. Plus with its non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula, it can provide last softness for up to 7 days after just two weeks of application!