Write in Barbie and Chris Benz on the 2012 Ballot

Barbie is on a mission to paint the White House pink. Today she announced she’s throwing her hat into this year’s presidential election as the new 2012 Barbie I Can Be… President doll. Chris Benz, who has outfitted First Lady Michelle Obama, crafted a stylishly smart pencil suit in Barbie’s signature shade for her to wear on the campaign trail. The doll comes complete with pearls, a campaign button and a pair of sling back wedges that help stabilize her so she can stand on her own, just like any other political figure.

As the encouraging voice of the B Party, her platform calls all girls to “B Inspired,’ “B, informed,” and, “B Involved.” Though this is her fifth run for president, she hasn’t given up on the chance to motivate girls to let their voices be heard through her partnership with The White House Project. Benz believes that Barbie’s extensive resume makes her the perfect role model and candidate.

“There’s this concept that we love with Barbie of ‘role play to real play’ where, subconsciously, if you acted out being a vet, maybe that will make the path of becoming a vet easier in your adult life,” he explained. “In terms of running for president, I think it consciously and subconsciously makes the path a bit easier for people to do that.”

Available at major retailers nationwide in June for $13.99.