Your Outfit for the New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men Summer Tour


The 90s are back for the summer! New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men will head out on the road together beginning late May through mid-July for what is being called “The Package” tour, and we're literally ready to party like it's 1999. Dig up the old boom box and those boy band CDs, refresh yourself on some back in the day colloquialisms, and get on these outfits so you'll be looking “da bomb” at the gig. Ok, maybe leave the slang at home, but definitely refer to the 90s trends that have made the transition into modern times for a grown up look that still has us reliving the good ol' days!

For those who were the Daria Morgendorffer, Tai (pre Cher's makeover), Reality Bites, flannel wearing types of the 90s, this look is for you. Ripped jeans, crop tops, plaid and combat boots go grownup grunge with these choice pieces. Leave the bell bottoms and baggy fits in the past and go for a skinny jean with a few tears, rather than, well, this. A sleek crop top under a tailored flannel looks laid back yet thought out while a simple pair of hoops, a 90s favorite, is the accessory to pull the look together. One strap of your big girl backpack thrown over you shoulder like old times, and you're good to go.

1. Basic Short Sleeve Crop Top, available at Topshop for $16
2. Joseph Cash Checked Flannel, available at for $455
3. J Brand 811 Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, available at for $353
4. Betsey Johnson Knife Edge Hoop Earring Gold, available at Zappos for $20
5. Dr Martens 1460 Black Smooth, available at Dr Martens for $120
6. Coach Studio Legacy Leather Backpack, available at Coach for $258

This is the Clarissa Explains it All, all grown up outfit. Aside from dealing with boy drama, the parental units, and her annoying little brother, our make believe best friend, Clarissa, was all about the loud prints, standout styling, and all the decade's top trends. We've kept the overalls, floral patterns, and transparent accessories that came up in her wardrobe more than once and put an adultish spin on them. Overalls are back, but in a fitted, more sophisticated style. A chic, rose printed blazer tailored to your torso over the denim onesie gives off a nice silhouette. Add some Spice Girl approved see through platforms for a grown up take on jelly footwear, and a plastic tote, similar to those that rocked the Spring/Summer 2013 runway. Pin back that perm in a funky barrette and congratulations, you've officially made the 90s fashion friendly for the modern age.

7. Deux Lux 'Mykonos' Clear Tote, available at Nordstrom for $145
8. Siwy Corduroy Overalls, available at for $365
9. Rag & Bone Bailey Floral Jacket, available at Shoples Nouvelles for $495
10. Jeffrey Campbell Suspect in Silver Clear, available at for $129.95
11. Susan Caplan Vintage 90s Set of Two Barettes, available at ASOS for $17.54