Zoe Saldana: Dreaming of Pool Parties, Puppies and Stuart Weitzmans


You’ve seen them everywhere on the red carpet, throughout awards and festival seasons–the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals. And now that summer’s rolling around, Zoe Saldana is wearing her pair in the pool. In the footwear designer’s newest campaign, which launched today, Saldana follows in the footsteps (literally) of Kate Moss as the face of #FeelSoGood. She joins some seriously beautiful friends (and puppies!) for a summer gallivant in a glass mansion overlooking Los Angeles. The dramatic black and white short film, directed by Nino Muñoz, presents the party as an intoxicating dream sequence imagined by an alluring woman. The soundtrack, “Feel So Good” by Jamiroquai makes us wish we were part of this banger, if not for the shoes, then for the stunning people in attendance.

As the new face of brand, Saldana represents the Stuart Weitzman woman: confident, independent, playful, and shoe fanatics. According to CMO Susan Duffy, “The stars of our social media video campaigns complement the faces of our global ad print initiatives—one doesn’t replace the other. Video allows us to tell the Stuart Weitzman brand story in a way that reveals different aspects of the brand.” In this campaign, the name of the game seems to be luxe, beauty and pure joy—all things that make us #FeelSoGood all summer long. Of course, the shoes do that, too. Duffy adds, “Stuart is one of the only designers that truly ‘engineers’ a shoe. His styles are designed to look as good as they feel—no matter how high the heel.”

The creative process behind the shoot involved friends and friends of friends, which of course, resulted in a really good time for all. Saldana looks effortlessly flawless and the film as a whole makes us want to truly indulge—and buy a whole lot of shoes. One perk of being on set at this particular shoot, according to Duffy? “Everyone left with their favorite pair of Stuart Weitzmans.” Naturally.