How To Transform A Simple Air Plant Into Trendy Home Décor (Video)

Looking for a fast and easy way to spruce up your space? Enter the air plant. House plants are having a major moment in home décor, and these shrubs, also known as tillandsia, will hang out on anything they can get their roots around, making them the perfect low-maintenance option. The best part: They’re virtually impossible to kill, which is ideal for those of us lacking a green thumb.

There are over 650 types of air plants, and these days you can find them everywhere from your local nursery to grocery store checkout line. Commonly called the jellyfish air plant, this version is guaranteed to nab you a ton of compliments next time you have guests. To GIY (glam it yourself), all you need is the plant, a shell, some fishing wire, and a steady hand. Once you choose your leaf shape and size, pick up a decorative shell, as shown in the video above, that will fit it snugly.

To start, prune the plant and tie a knot around its base with the fishing wire. Run the wire through the hole in the shell and hang from the ceiling for whimsical touch. Make sure it has plenty of air circulation, keep it out of direct sunlight (strangely, an ideal area to showcase air plants is the bathroom), and water it occasionally by misting the base with water. If leaves become super dry, simply submerge it in a bowl of water for a few hours, and it should come back to life.

Hanging air plants has become a popular design element. Watch the video above to learn how to make trendy jellyfish air plants, or for more green inspiration, check out this beginner’s guide to houseplants.