9 Fast Food Restaurants With Incredible Vegan Options

Photo: C/O tacobell Instagram

Whether you're grabbing a bite with friends, taking a pit-stop on a long road trip, or are just a good ol' friend of fast food, it can definitely be a challenge finding something cheap and easy to eat if you're a vegan. When McDonald's introduced their McVegan sandwich in October, people were shook. While it was only available in Finland, it turns out there are plenty of fast food chains stateside offering up vegan-friendly grub too. If you do go order off the vegan menu with your friends, please do them a favor and don't belabor the point. No one wants to hear it.


Waffle fry lovers rejoice! The hash browns, our beloved fries, and the cinnamon applesauce at this fast food joint are all vegan.

Panera Bread

If your friends are all in the mood for a You Pick Two lunch, fret not. Order yourself a hearty bowl of their low-fat vegetarian black bean soup. While this vegetarian soup is vegan, others on their menu may be made with cream, so make sure you confirm before you order if black beans aren't your thing.

Au Bon Pain

This bakery cafe has a myriad of vegan options and substitutes on its menu. From salads (confirm that there is no added cheese on the chickpea and tomato cucumber salad, the green bean and beet salad, and the chickpea and tomato salad) to dressings (balsamic vinaigrette, fat free raspberry vinaigrette, sesame ginger) to soups (vegetarian chili, curried rice and lentil soup, French-Moroccan lentil soup, and more) to bread (artisan baguette, sundried tomato, skinny bagel, and more) there is definitely something you'll be happy with. 



It's easy to keep it vegan at this beloved chain since the tortillas, fajita vegetables, rice, beans, salsas, chips, and guacamole all fit the bill. Order sofritas instead of meat when you want some more to your meal.


The pizza place is known for customization options and their ability to cater to dietary restrictions is no exception. Their thin-crust pizza is vegan, along with their sandwich bread, and penne pasta. As long as you order the pizza without cheese, and make sure nothing in your pasta dish violates the code, you're set.

Taco Bell

All you have to do to order vegan at this joint is avoid the meat, cheese, and sour cream. Their beans, rice, guacamole, and salsas are all vegan, and if you order something “fresco style,” they’ll substitute pico de gallo tomatoes for cheese. According to their site, they are the first QSR restaurant to offer American Vegetarian Association (AVA) certified Vegetarian food items.


Burger King

Both the french fries and apple slices offered at BK are vegan, so if you're in the mood for a road trip snack on a long drive, it's safe to stop off here.

White Castle

Believe it or not, this burger palace has a veggie burger and it's vegan. According to the company, the Veggie Slider is cooked separately from all other meat products and there is no cross-contamination. They clean the grill and use a separate green spatula for cooking the Veggie Slider. While the bun isn't vegan, order it bunless with their vegan-approved french fries instead.


The coffee behemoth offers several vegan lunch and snack options, although they aren't consistent across locations. For breakfast, their Sprouted Grain Vegan Bagel and oatmeal topped with fruit or brown sugar are great steady breakfast options. You can always order a latte or frappuccino with dairy-free milk to make it vegan too.