Khloe Kardashian Shares Her Tips (And Menu!) For Hosting Thanksgiving

Photo: E! Online

When Khloe Kardashian isn’t busy making money moves (or hitting the gym), she’s known to have friends and family over for dinner and drinks. This year, the youngest Kardashian sister is hosting her second Thanksgiving in Cleveland, and she recently shared her plans with fans on her app. “I find that it’s best to Khlo-C-D it all and be super structured, so that nothing falls through the cracks,” she writes. “And let’s get real honey, I live for a checklist!”

With help from her mom and sisters, the Kardashian/Jenner dinner will include turkey, sweet potato soufflé, wings, stuffing, sweet creamed corn, greens with smoked turkey, mac and cheese, and corn bread, plus apple pie, pumpkin pie, Cinnabuns, and cookies for dessert. Kendall hinted on her own app that she also plans to make apple pie bars found in Ina Garten’s bookCooking for Jeffery.

Sounds like they will have plenty of food to go around—and a lot of prepping ahead of them. Keep scrolling for Khloe’s Turkey Day to-dos, so that you too can pull off the perfect feast with your family and friends. “I hope you all have a beautiful day with the ones you love,” she says.

Prepare your menu

“Have you been saving recipes on Pinterest? Now's the time to dig them up!”

Make a shopping list

“There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a recipe and realizing you forgot to buy an ingredient. Make your shopping list and check it twice!”

Get your Thanksgiving decorations out of storage

“Dust off that cornucopia, LOL.”

Buy new décor

“If your Thanksgiving tchotchkes need a 2017 update, make a stop by HomeGoods or Target and pick up some fresh décor.”

Order the turkey

“Once you determine how many guests you'll have, figure out how big of a bird you need. A good rule of thumb is one pound per person. If you haven't already ordered your Thanksgiving turkey, don't sleep on this!”

Buy nonperishable ingredients

“Now's a good time to pick up items like spices and canned soups for your casserole recipes.”

Clean all festive dinnerware

“You probably haven't used your “nice” plates, glasses and silverware since the last holiday season. No one wants a side of dust with their stuffing, LOL.”

Assess your serving bowl collection

“Once everything is clean, do a count of all your serving bowls and utensils. If you've got six side dishes planned, but only four proper bowls, make sure you pick up a few new ones!”

Write out place cards

“Everyone should have RSVP'd by now. Don't save writing out all your place cards for the last minute. Think of the hand cramps!”

Wash cloth napkins

“Don't forget to iron those babies, too!”

Clean out the refrigerator and freezer

“You'll be cramming so much in there the days before Thanksgiving, every inch is precious. Now's the time to throw out that jar of expired spaghetti sauce that's been taking up real estate.”

Defrost the turkey

“The bigger the bird, the more time it needs to defrost. You should plan for 24 hours for each four or five pounds—so if you've got a turkey pushing 20 pounds, you need to put that guy in the fridge now.”