6 Small Suitcase Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know

suitcase packing tips

Internet personality Alexis Cozombolidis is on the road almost every other week and prides herself on being a smart packer. Over the years, she’s learned how to maximize what she can pack in her smallest suitcase without sacrificing style.

“I never know what I want to wear when I’m on the road,” Cozombolidis says. “So, I like to pack as many shirts as possible.” How does she get away with this? By rolling them up and packing them vertically. This also ensures that her shirts won’t be wrinkled when she arrives at her destination.

From making more space for clothes to keeping her travel-sized toiletries tidy (with a kitchen staple!) to making sure her hats keep their shape, hear all of Cozombolidis’ smart suitcase packing tips by watching the video above.

“When you’re all packed, the last thing you don’t want to forget is a dryer sheet,” she says. Curious why? Click play.