11 Women Tell Us The Best Mother’s Day Gift They’ve Ever Received

Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Still wondering what you should get your mom for Mother’s Day? To help inspire you, we asked real moms to share the best gift they ever received on this special holiday. From sentimental presents and pampering products to something as simple as some alone time, you’re sure to find an idea on this list that will spark joy. Because, after all, moms know best.

A family farm day

“Last Mother's Day, my husband and son treated me to an afternoon at Underwood Family Farms. We spent time feeding the animals, picking fresh produce, taking rides on a tractor around the farm grounds, and just enjoying each other. It was such a nice opportunity to put our phones away and connect as a family outdoors. While I love a decadent spa day or fancy brunch as much as the next mama, I really appreciated the extra thought and energy my family put into this day. The gift of time spent goofing around together in a fresh setting was precious!” —Ashley E.

A genetic testing kit

“My daughter gifted me the Ancestry DNA Kit last Mother’s Day, and through the data that I was given, I was able to find out about my heritage and how I’m connected to a bunch of different countries – from Spain to France and even England. It showed me how connected everyone really is, as the Ancestry database has millions of people in it and is constantly being updated to be as accurate as possible.” —Nancy V.

A spa day

“I will always remember the year that my husband and kids gave me a ‘spa day’ for Mother’s Day. As a young family, this was an extravagance of finances and time. However, it was heaven! I got a massage, a facial, and a pedicure — it even included lunch! Moms take care of everyone else, so it was nice to be taken care of for a change. I felt recharged and refreshed, both physically and emotionally. Plus, my kids enjoyed hearing all about it. It was worth every penny and every second!” —Andrea T.

Olive & June
Olive & June

A manicure kit

“As a full-time working mother, I find it terribly hard to get to the nail salon each week, but a friend of mine knows I love a freshly done manicure. I've always been terrible at painting my own nails, so they were just bare most of the time. Now that she bought me my own Studio Box Mani Kit from Olive & June – complete with the genius poppy handle – for Mother’s Day, I really have everything I need to easily do my own nails at home. It's my new Sunday night routine!” —Kelly D.

A day with friends — and no kids

“Confession: I don’t always want to spend Mother’s Day with my children. Don't get me wrong, I love my three babies! I'm actually crazy obsessed with them. Plus, they're the reason I get to celebrate this day in the first place. But once in a while — as in this one day of the year — I want to do something totally wild: not parent. I want to be responsible for absolutely nothing…and pee by myself. So, about a month ago, a neighbor and I decided that we were going to tell our husbands that for Mother's Day this year, we were leaving them at home alone with the children. We planned a day of brunching and pedicures and kept reminding each other how excited we were for our child-free day together.” —Lauren G.

A sentimental necklace

“I received a Siblings Tag Necklace from Le Papier Studio a few years ago for Mother's Day, featuring custom silhouettes of my two children, and I still love it to this day. It is so personal and beautiful, but it’s also sophisticated and neutral enough for me to enjoy wearing every day.” —Kelly R.

A picture my children had taken of me

“The best gift I ever received was a picture that my children had taken of me making a loaf of soap. This picture was turned into a professional painting with the words, ‘Super Mom, we love you.’ This gift was so important because, as a mother of seven children, who worked full-time and ran an online business, it showed my children saw me as being Super Mom. Best gift ever.” —Regina R.


A solo vacation

“The best Mother's Day gift I ever received was a solo vacation — a ‘mom break’ to the wellness spa at Hilton Head Health. I know how that sounds, but as mom to two girls under the age of three and an owner of a small business, the only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day was some quiet time away from work, my husband, and the kids to do things only I wanted to do – and a chance to eat healthy and just reset a bit. I slept in, went to bed early, kayaked, did yoga on the beach, meditated, got a facial and massage, read (almost) an entire book, got to work out, attended a lecture about meal planning, etc. I left feeling truly relaxed and rejuvenated and eager to reunite with my family.” —Taryn S.

Support to start my own business

The best Mother's Day gift was my husband's emotional and financial support to follow my dream of owning my own cake business in New York City. We launched The Evercake together officially last month, and it's incredibly meaningful because it was a full family effort. My toddler hugs me almost every time I complete a cake, so that is pretty special.” —Rosalin S.

A wine club subscription

“Last year my husband gifted me a wine club subscription from Cellar 503. Living here in the Napa Valley, it's fun to explore boutique wines from other regions like Oregon. The May shipment features all-women winemakers, and it's truly the gift that keeps on giving all year long – especially with a toddler in tow!” —Kim E.

Bumpin Blends subscription

“As a new mom, I had been struggling to breastfeed and my husband didn't know how to support me, so we did some research and found Bumpin Blends. It’s a subscription that includes lactation cookies (which worked within an hour!), smoothies for milk supply and energy, and a 24/7 nutritionist who gave me tips via text to support my breastfeeding efforts. It took so much off my plate and showed he really understood what I needed at the time, while relieving the stress of breastfeeding. Not to mention, delicious cookies!” —Lisa E.

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