19 Of The World’s Best Floating Hotels For The Most Relaxing Vacation Ever

floating hotels

Waterfront? Dream bigger. Floating hotels — aka bungalows built over the water with 360-degree views — have been dominating the #travelgoals hashtag on Instagram. Because who wants to bother walking to the beach when you can roll out of bed and hop directly into the crystal-clear water?

While floating hotels, or as we like to call them “boat-els,” may be hard to get to (they’re often only reachable by boat or sea plane), that’s part of what makes them so special. Vacationing in one of these tucked-away spots, where cell service and your boss can’t find you, is just about as secluded as you can get while still soaking in five-star amenities, like spas, restaurants, rooftops, and cinemas.

“There is something so utterly exotic and special about sleeping in a room above the ocean,” says travel writer Katie James Watkinson. “By day, you can lounge on a daybed and dip into the water right from your private deck whenever the mood strikes; at night, the sound of gentle waves lapping against stilts will lull you into the deepest and most relaxing slumber.”

Keep scrolling for some of the world’s dreamiest floating hotels, but don’t blame us when you decide to blow all of your travel points on a one-way ticket to the Maldives. We’ll meet you there!

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Off Paris Seine, France


Salt & Sill, Sweden

Solent Forts, UK

Aria Amazon, Iquitos, Peru



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Village Flottant Pressac, Vienne, France

Coconuts Beach Club, Samoa

Ocean House in Haida Gwaii, Canada

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