10 Things Couples Should Do Before Getting Married (Video)

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There comes a time when the pressure to get married is real, but the worst thing you can do is rush your trip to the alter. Dating helps build a strong foundation for your future together, and there are certain conversations and experiences, both good and bad, that help couples connect on a deeper level. Plus, there are some things you would rather know about your partner before you commit the rest of your life to them, right?

While every relationship is different, we asked real couples to reveal the things they think couples, including themselves, should do before saying “I do.” Listen as they give hilarious and real advice on life before marriage. Hear their takes on when it’s okay to have the baby conversation, how important it is to travel together before tying the knot, why arguments matter, and whether you should take the other person’s last name.

things to do before getting married
things to do before getting married

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