8 Instagram Accounts to Follow For Serious #Fitspo

Photo: @kaisafit

When it comes to fitness, we all know how easy it is to become unmotivated. That extra hour of shut-eye always sounds better than the 6 A.M. barre class. Or, after a particularly long day, rushing to get to the gym before all the machines are taken sounds exhausting itself. At this point, who wouldn’t rather scroll mindlessly through their phone? So, here’s an idea: Fill your feed with the visual inspiration you need to lace up your sneakers, try a new move, and push yourself past your limits. Keep your fitness goals in sight with these eight motivating Instagram accounts. Major #fitspo ahead.


Kaisa Keranen, who holds an M.S. in exercise sciences, delivers serious wow-factor. Whether it be weight work, body resistance, or challenging rope exercises, Keranen documents her daily movements: “It's not always about hitting the gym and lifting weights, or jumping on the treadmill to get your cardio in. Sometimes it's just about finding a way (no matter how crazy your day) to just simply move.” Her videos, like this street-side bench work, show just how insanely strong she is. Caution: Don’t try these moves at home. Actually, do. Do try these moves at home.


This trainer focuses on post-pregnancy workouts with her adorable son making occasional cameos on her feed. But we really love that Wells shuts down internet trolls who claim that “weightlifting isn’t feminine.” File her killer abs under the host of evidence that shows weightlifting helps women lose weight, improve functionality, and build strength. “The only thing a woman needs to do to be beautiful and feminine is to be herself,” Wells says in a post.


The newlywed and founder of HBFIT offers followers a glimpse into her fabulously fit life. “Not every day is going to be perfect but making space for my future self and visualizing what I want helps a lot,” she writes. Get a taste of what Bronfman eats (hint: it often involves a dose of matcha) and how she trains (or dances) to stay in such good shape, as well as some serious street style inspiration.


This mommy-to-be is all about #fitpregnancy. Her bump is front and center while she swings kettlebells, does deadlifts, and powers through weighted squats, confirming that her OBGYN has cleared her for this type of training (in case you were wondering). Her advice for pregnant women: “Remember every pregnancy is different so don't compare yourself to others, don't try to do what others are doing, listen to your body [and] always do what's best for you.”


Massiel, or Massy, Indhira Arias is a certified personal trainer who committed herself to a healthy life after battling depression. Her posts are real, raw, and hella inspiring. You’ll see everything from band and plate work to box jumps to much-needed recovery stretches, as well as some motivational pics from real women taking her #ma30day challenge. “Practice makes perfect ? Ignore the noise, focus on you. On your goals. Keep your head in the game,” she reminds followers.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Misty Copeland is a principal dancer with the American Ballet Association. She uses her profile to push for greater diversity in dance and to help empower women to be unstoppable, despite the obstacles set by society. Follow her every beautiful move to encourage your own fitness goals. “Silence the voices that say you can’t,” she says.


A self-proclaimed “normal girl in a fitspo world,” Katie Willcox is no size 0 (and damn proud of it). As the founder of Healthy Is the New Skinny, she works to challenge societal programming and spread a positive message of health and body image. Food for thought: “One thing I have noticed is that what may have started as a way to bring a sort of normality to seeing different types of bodies has turned into a strange quest for validation … I also feel that if we are comfortable in our skin then we should reach a point where we can unapologetically post an image without needing a disclaimer of “I am doing this because I love myself.”


Co-creator of the 28-minute BBG workouts, Itsines is a certified personal trainer with a cult following. She’s known for posting quick workouts you can easily repeat at home, along with mouth-watering eats and inspirational quotes. The real beauty of her account, though, is in the unbelievable transformation photos she posts from real women showing #bbgprogress. “A REAL WOMAN is whoever she wants to be. She doesn't look a certain way. She doesn't act a certain way … All women are real women,” she declares.