Jessica Alba Shares Her Pregnancy Workout Routine—And It’s Intense

Photo: via Instagram

Just in case you needed another reason to follow every move of Jessica Alba, the actress and Honest Company founder just shared a video of her pregnancy workout routine—and it is intense. Not only is the mere fact of hitting the gym with a baby on board impressive, but Alba doesn't seem to be letting her bump slow her down at all. Luckily, she shared the ins and outs of her each move with followers on Instagram, making it easy for fans and active mothers-to-be to follow along at home.

Alba starts by doing 12 – 15 weighted squats with her back against a yoga ball for added core burn.

Next, she conquers 10 reps of face pulls on a cable machine to strengthen her shoulders.

Shoulders are followed up by 40 seconds of tricep press downs…

And then some rope exercises. #Beastmode is right.

Alba finishes her resistance work with 10 – 15 reps of Pallof presses, which are great for abs and obliques.

Don't forget the other side!

In between circuits, she gets her heart rate up with some cardio.

And finishes with some stretching.