Kate Hudson Shares The Super Challenging Move She Does For Toned Arms

kate hudson arm workout

It’s been six months since Kate Hudson welcomed her daughter Dani, and now the actress/fitness entrepreneur is focused on losing her post-baby weight through effective workouts and healthy eating.

Over the weekend, Hudson shared a clip from her workout, in which she is doing a super advanced version of a push-up. “Getting stronger,” she wrote. Though, from the looks of it, she’s already pretty dang strong.

With one leg out to the side, Hudson lowers her chest to the floor before pushing up into a one-legged downward dog. She returns to the starting position – without skipping a beat, btw – and repeats the move a few more times.

Followers were quick to point out how challenging the move is. “Wow. I can’t do that. I just tried and I wound up pulling 9 muscles, tearing 2 ligaments and farting a little,” commented comedian El Helms. Brooklyn Decker added: “My toothpick arms would collapse and I would die.”

Hudson’s longtime trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, also shared the video on Instagram, and said she calls the move “The Serpent.” According to Winhoffer, low impact dynamic stretch toning activates the fascia and reshapes the body in new ways. When you change the position of your leg during a push-up, like with this move, your center of mass changes. This type of variation can strengthen your abs, back, legs — pretty much every muscle in your body, really.

About a month after giving birth to her baby girl, the 39-year-old mom of three announced that she was taking a little more time in the day to focus on herself and her health. “It is the most challenging thing in the world to balance kids and personal time,” she wrote on Instagram, before adding that she was on a mission to get back to a strong body and mind.

Hudson went on to explain that she would be trying new workouts and healthy recipes in preparation for a new role this spring. All that dedication sure seems to be paying off — her back and arm muscles are ripped!

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