Kim Kardashian Opens Up About 18 Lb. Weight Gain: ‘Sometimes You Fall Off’

Kim Kardashian weight gain

Kim Kardashian is widely known for her famous figure, so it makes sense she works hard to maintain it. Still, she's only human, and everyone strays from their healthy habits from time to time. The 39-year-old reality star admitted that after reaching her fitness goals in 2018, she fell off the wagon and has gained 18 lbs over the last year.

On Sunday, Kim opened up about her fitness goals on her Instagram Story. “Okay, so we’re doing a night workout before my dinner, which I never do, with this one, but I figured we have to get into it at some point,” she said while turning the camera at her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, who was doing squats.

She continued: “I mean, sometimes you fall off and sometimes you really gotta get it together and this is one of my fallen off times where I am, I think, 18 pounds up from what I was about a year ago, a year and a half ago.”

She then told followers that she is dedicated to reaching her goal weight by her 40th birthday, which is October 21, 2020. “To feel good, I just want to get it like, a really good goal weight and so that means working out at all costs,” Kim said. “It’s my eating. I work out but it’s like, my eating. But Melissa and I have a major goal for by the time I’m 40.”

“You’re going to be 39 going on 21,” Alcantara responds.

But for Kim, who has been open about her body insecurities in the past, it seems lees about the weight and more about feeling her best. “You’re never going to be perfect. I think life is about being happy and being confident,” she said in a recent interview with People.

In August 2018, after months of working with Alcantara, Kim revealed that she had dropped 20 pounds by sticking to a strict fitness routine and changing her diet. “I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day, heavy weights. I don’t do a lot of cardio,” she told E! News, adding that she also cut back on sugar and started eating healthier overall.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m really proud of that,” she said at the time. “I didn’t see results right away, but when you stick with something and you’re consistent, you will. So, I love it.”

We now expect similar fitness goals from the mom of four. Alcantara focuses on strength training, HIIT, and other types of exercises that help you develop a strong foundation. Kim previously said she felt a connection with Alcantara after finding her through social media and being inspired by her post-pregnancy body transformation.

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