Look Great In Thigh-High Socks With These Pilates Moves

thigh-high socks

What’s not to love about wearing thigh-high socks in the fall? It’s a fashion trend that allows you keep rocking your mini skirts, but also keeps you warm when the weather gets chilly — not to mention it helps lengthen and elongate your legs.

“The last time that I wore knee high socks was probably, I don’t know, middle school or maybe it was elementary school, when Clueless was all in,” says Cassey Ho, social media fitness entrepreneur and creator of Blogilates. Now, these socks are back in fashion in a major way, and Ho is going to show you the workout you need to look and feel fantastic when wearing them.

All you’ll need for these moves is a mat. Check them out below, then watch the video above to follow along with Ho as she does this quick and easy leg workout.

Move 1: Inner Thigh Leg Lift

To start, lie down on your mat on your right side. Make sure that your booty is back, and support your head with your hand.

Next, bring your right ankle up to your stomach and grab it with your left hand. If you’re still working on your flexibility, you can always put your knee in front of your stomach so it’s bent at a 90-degree angle.

Turn your right foot so your toes are on the mat and your heel is up in the air. Ho calls this position “awkward foot.” The position is what really helps tone the inner thighs.

Now, lift your right leg in the air for three counts, keeping your toes pointed downward. Do 15 reps, then switch sides and do the same workout with your left leg.

Move 2: Frogger

For this move, begin by lying on your back and bringing your heels together in the air. Flare out your toes, so your feet are in a “V” shape. Be sure to keep your feet in this position throughout the workout.

Extend your legs straight out in the air at a 45-degree angle, keeping your feet in the same position. Then, bend your knees so they come back over your hips. Exhale as you extend your legs and inhale as you bring them back into your body.

Ho suggests doing 20 reps of this move to get a good workout in your thighs. Also, be sure to keep your back flat on the mat to work your abdominal muscles at the same time.

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