These Brownies Are Made Specifically to Soothe PMS

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Photo: C/O mooncyclebakery Instagram

There seems to be an app for everything these days—and we’re not complaining about it. You can track your fertility, your sleep patterns, how often you pee, and when you get your period. The latest to hit the self-care search is by Moon Cycle Bakery. They have combined a period tracker with a subscription service that delivers delicious baked goodies at just the right time in your cycle. Sign us up!

The genius idea came about after founder Devon Loftus promised a friend in need that she would deliver a cake to her every month to satisfy the cravings associated with PMS. It’s no secret that baked goods—chocolatey goodness to be exact—make us feel like we’re wrapped in a hug during that dreaded time of the month, but it’s mostly just a placebo effect, if you will. Loftus’s newest brownie recipe, though, is made specifically to cure your womanly ailments, and she plans on shipping a batch to women in need every month.

Loftus was asked by Well+Good to “share a recipe that made [her] feel cozy, happy and had ingredients that can help support our bodies during PMS,” she wrote in an Instagram caption. She then set out to create a sweet treat with hazelnuts because they contain Boron, an anti-inflammatory that can reduce the severity and duration of menstrual pain.

So why not just pop a handful of hazelnuts during your time of the month? Well, besides the fact that it’s not nearly as yummy as a fudgy brownie, cacao is pretty high in magnesium, a mineral that we lose a lot of while menstruating. Hence the chocolate cravings?

“I love them during my cycle because they are so decadent…Rich, fudgy, and just the right amount of hazelnut to give that cozy, earthy feel,” she told the wellness site.

Loftus recommends indulging in her treats with some golden milk. “Turmeric is a huge help in keeping inflammation at bay, and acts as a great liver tonic and immune booster,” she says. Try a turmeric latte—they’re surprisingly delicious.

According to the bakery’s website, the service goes live on December 15 and will range from $15 to $30. Until then, Loftus shares her recipe for the gluten-free period brownies on Well+Good.