A Shocking Number Of Women Feel Gross On Their Period, And This Company Wants To Change That

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Despite the progress we’ve made in creating new dialogues about menstruation, there is still a stigma around periods. And while some women are completely comfortable with their cycle, a shocking number of women say it affects their confidence. According to a recent survey by Summer’s Eve, 88 percent of women admitted to feeling less fresh during their period while 93 percent said they worry about odor. Of those women, nearly half said that these worries often distract from their day.

Of course, to truly shake the shame, we must continue reminding each other that menstruation and its associated symptoms are a normal, healthy part of the female experience. But for women who feel distress over their vaginal smell, Summer’s Eve has developed a solution. The fem-care company is introducing a first-of-its-kind feminine hygiene collection that is specifically formulated to remove period and post-period odor.

“When it comes to our product offerings, we are always listening to what women tell us,” Jeanne Collins, VP of Women’s Health at Prestige Consumer Healthcare, said in a statement. “These valuable insights from women are at the core of our research and development efforts.”

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Summer’s Eve FreshCycle uses a patented odor-reducing ingredient that counteracts period odor and is specially formulated to protect the vaginal pH balance. Here’s why that matters: The vagina requires a low pH (usually less than 4.5) in order to be inhabited by healthy bacteria. Period blood, which also contains bacteria, vaginal mucus, and tissue, has a high pH and can throw off that balance, leading to unusual smells.

The FreshCycle collection includes a no-rinse cleansing foam ($5), which can be applied directly to toilet paper and wiped over the vulva and/or around the opening of the vagina. It also includes flushable cleansing cloths, available in bulk ($5 for 24 cloths) or individually wrapped ($4 for 14 cloths) for convenient freshening wherever and whenever you need it. Free of dyes, parabens, and alcohol, both products are clinically-tested to be safe for the vagina.

“During menstruation, it’s common for women to feel like they want something more than toilet paper or a regular wipe to freshen up as our bodies are going through a different experience than they do any other time of the month,” says Sherry Ross, MD, and OBGYN and author of she-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period. “The FreshCycle line from Summer’s Eve offers vagina-friendly products that help eliminate familiar period odor during that time of the month.”

At the end of the day, period odor is usually mild and only detectable by you, not those around you. But there is nothing wrong with using proven-safe products that help you feel more confident during your cycle, whether you reach for them regularly or keep them in your bag for moments when you feel especially vulnerable.

To learn more about the FreshCycle collection visit summerseve.com.

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