5 Coat Trends You Need To Know About For Fall 2022

Coats are crucial for keeping warm during the fall and winter seasons, but after months of jacket-free fun in crop tops, bathing suits, and shorts, we know that having to layer up may seem limiting and inconvenient. However, some coats are super stylish and can even transform basic, minimalistic outfits into standout looks with the proper styling techniques. Coat shopping is something exciting, not something to dread!

Some of our favorite celebrities have rocked plenty of iconic coats you can use as inspiration. For instance, the one and only Nicole Kidman wore many glamorous coats in "The Undoing," such as long and dramatic looks in bold colors (via YouTube). Moreover, you'll find Anne Hathaway looking stunning in sleek coats in the comedic spy movie "Get Smart" (via IMDb). You can look like a movie star during the fall and winter seasons, too, by wearing stylish coats. These are the most prominent outerwear trends for fall 2022, and we can't wait to wear them.

Make Elle Woods and Barbie proud with a pink coat

Nostalgia is having a moment with the Barbiecore fashion trend; in other words, fashion enthusiasts have been dressing like Barbie dolls by wearing a lot of pink, girly outfits, so why not embrace this trend with a cute pink coat? One iconic movie character who rocked this look two decades before there was a name for it was the beautiful and determined Elle Woods from the hilarious yet empowering "Legally Blonde." In the beloved movie, the sorority girl-turned-law student rocks plenty of pink outfits, including a fitted pink jacket and a hot pink furry coat over a sparkly pink bikini top (via YouTube).

Fast forward again to the 2020s, and Valentino played a role in this trend, as the brand's F/W 2022-2023 collection, fittingly named the Valentino Pink PP Collection, only featured pink items, including many bright pink jackets, blazers, and long coats. If you want to dress like Elle Woods and embrace Barbiecore without paying Valentino prices, you still have options for this sassy fashion trend. For instance, the Luxe Life Faux Fur Coat in Hot Pink is available at Fashion Nova for around $100 and has five out of five stars. This long, faux fur hot pink coat looks like it jumped right out of Elle Woods' wardrobe. Moreover, the Premium Bright Double Breasted Wool Look Coat in Hot Pink sells for $125 at Boohoo, offering a sophisticated, stylish Elle Woods-esque and Barbie-like vibe.

The edgier, the better

If your style is more goth or punk than Barbiecore, you'll still have no problem finding a trendy coat in 2022. Thanks to the pop-punk resurgence, emo-inspired looks have been on-trend in the 2020s, as musicians in the genre such as Avril Lavigne and Machine Gun Kelly have made it trendier than ever to dress edgy. Just think of Kourtney Kardashian; her style used to lean more toward the minimalistic side with simple yet chic white looks or fitted neutral trench coats. Then, in 2021, as angsty music became more popular and she enjoyed her high-profile relationship with her now-husband, musician Travis Barker, Kardashian started wearing significantly more black, leather, and punky fishnet-inspired pieces. We love seeing how the reality star's style evolved and became edgier, so why not channel your inner Kourtney Kardashian or Avril Lavigne with a black, leathery, or daring coat?

One retailer known for selling ultra-edgy clothing is Dolls Kill, so this is an excellent place to shop for dauntless coats. For example, the black The Grave Girls Merch Booth Trench Coat features intense buckle designs going across the zipper, in addition to a daring lace-up back, making this the perfect coat for anyone with a punk or goth style. You can buy it at Dolls Kill for around $50.

Go for a classic plaid coat

On the other hand, more traditional plaid looks are trendy in 2022, too. "It's really hard to stay away from plaid this season — there are so many cool takes on it, and it's a timeless option that can easily be refreshed and reworked," fashion consultant Julia Gall told The Zoe Report. Plaid never goes out of style and can make any minimalistic outfit appear more alluring, so a coat with this pattern is a style-savvy investment.

Anyone looking for inspiration regarding plaid coats can find lots of inspo on Instagram, as more than 20,000 posts popped up when we searched #plaidcoat. For instance, you can never go wrong with dressing up your somewhat casual jeans and sweater look with a long plaid neutral coat. And if you're feeling bolder, a colorful plaid coat featuring every color from the rainbow will never fail to turn heads. Moreover, a long coat with a green plaid pattern will add a trendy touch to any nature-inspired outfit. Or, a plaid jacket featuring orange hues will make a crop top and jeans outfit much more appropriate for fall. There are so many options when it comes to plaid jackets and coats, so everyone should be able to find one that reflects their style.

Look cute and cozy in a robe-inspired coat

We love how robes have evolved from pajamas to style staples, thanks to the rise of cozy-chic ensembles and loungewear. In fact, designer Frederick Anderson has presented some robe-inspired looks, proving that robes are stylish for much more than just sleepwear. One long, green robe-ish jacket from his fall 2022 collection is the perfect example of how trendy robe-inspired outerwear is for fall 2022. Even a black and white long coat with a plaid design and some fringe from his pre-fall 2022 collection had a somewhat robe-like appearance due to the way the garment hangs on the body like a robe. Furthermore, a blue-ish and purple jacket from the designer's resort 2023 collection features a robe-inspired belted detail, so this trend won't go away anytime soon.

Are you searching for a robe-like coat to rock this cozy-chic trend in fall 2022? The black Hooded Coat from H&M sells for less than $40 and has a robe-like belt at the waist. This coat has 4.2 stars and offers a sleek spin on the robe look. Meanwhile, the Belted Longline Topcoat is available at Zara for around $80 and has a very robe-inspired style because of the long, loose fit and tie belt design.

You can wear a neutral coat every day and look chic

We know that inflation has been making life more stressful and expensive. After all, inflation is driving down Kohl's in-store foot traffic, as those higher prices lower people's desire to shop. Given these frustrating circumstances, we know that many budget-savvy shoppers are searching for more practical coats that you can wear every day to match multiple outfits for activities ranging from work to grocery shopping to brunch with friends. Thus, neutral, versatile coats are a timeless look that never goes out of style and are practical for these stress-inducing times.

You can never go wrong with a long, sleek black coat for a sophisticated look. Classic black coats look stylish with girly ensembles, too, and edgy monochromatic looks if you want to wear all black. Moreover, white outerwear provides instant elegance. A white jacket with an all-white ensemble appears ultra-clean and chic. Plus, a white coat adds balance to neon garments and provides some excellent contrast to black outfits. A tan or beige coat will also complement any look in your closet, whether the look is bright and bold or dark and mysterious.

Which of these coat trends do you plan to explore in fall 2022?