5 Simple Ways To Style Your Favorite Sneakers All Fall Long

While wearing heels and other heeled shoes are fun and flirty, they aren't always the most comfortable shoe. This sentiment is especially true if you are visiting a new place or need to be on the move. That's why sneakers remain a must-have in any closet. With the fall season fast approaching, it's time to incorporate your favorite sneakers with all the new fall trends.


There's no denying that sneakers have always been one of the most popular fashion items. However, in recent times, the practicality and comfort of the sneaker have made it a winner to many. Like many other trends that have arisen since the pandemic, it's all about bridging comfort and style. Libby Page, a senior market editor at Net-a-porter.com, tells British Vogue, "Customers are really embracing comfort via the true sneaker expert brands." That's why more are opting for something comfortable that can seamlessly mix into their style.

To be able to bridge style and comfort, you need to be able to style your sneakers for fall without them looking all over the place. Thankfully, this fall brings tons of new trends that go great with almost any pair of sneakers.


Style with slip dresses

Depending on the type of sneaker you choose, they can be very chunky and almost masculine looking. To better balance this out during the fall, opt for a silky slip dress for a feminine touch to your look. Pairing your slip dress with sneakers gives you the best of both worlds and mixes feminine and masculine styles. Because the fall season brings chilly weather, you can also add a blazer on top for a structured and unique look. An example can be seen at Stella McCartney's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear, where she paired a purple satin slip dress underneath a black blazer and finished the look with a pair of classic white sneakers.


Not only is this pairing a great ensemble to wear into the office, but it's the perfect weekend errand look. CEO and co-founder of Caitlin James Organizing & Styling, Caitlin James tells Instyle, "Opt for a dress with a slit [to] allow more movement in the dress, so it doesn't get stuck to your hips and thighs. The slit will also add a feminine touch to balance out the masculine style of the sneaker." Sneakers and slip dresses may have been a summer dream combo, but with a cardigan or blazer on top, you can rock this fall season.

Style with midi skirts

If you are looking for more flexibility on top, a midi skirt will match perfectly with your sneakers. Like slip dresses, midi skirts add a perfect feminine touch to a sneaker outfit. MasterClass recommends this look for the perfect casual outfit. Instead of simply styling your midi skirt and sneakers with a graphic tee, opt for a fuzzy sweater that can be tucked into your slip dress for a weather-appropriate look.


On the other hand, midi skirts also give you the flexibility to play up your desired style. Looking at how model Bella Hadid styled this ensemble, a cargo midi skirt and chunky black sneakers might be the perfect amount of edginess and grunge to create a '90s look. Hadid finished this look with a black jacket with leather buckles for a chic biker look.

Whether you opt for an edgy 90s look or a soft feminine ensemble, pairing your sneakers with a midi skirt is the perfect way to take this casual look to a new level.

Wear it with your workwear

Although sneakers are considered too casual for formal wear, there's no reason why you can't bring them into the office.

Recently, with the popularity of trousers, slacks, and now puddle pants, it's official that workwear is a staple of fall fashion. By mixing these two iconic pieces, you get a chic, contemporary outfit that will make the perfect fall look. One way you can style these two pieces is by going the minimalist route. Fashion content creator, @aida.bdji, styled her white sneakers with a pair of black trousers, a white top, and a beige cardigan. This simple look is the perfect call ensemble you can take into the office without any further problem. This look also serves as the perfect fall errand outfit if you want something simple but chic.


Another option in styling comes from the Loewe Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show. In this collection, creative designer Jonathan Anderson pairs chunky sneakers with oversized puddle pants and a bubble jacket. Although oversized, this fall street style look is an easy way to take these trends into your daily life.

Wear a trench coat

It's not a fall season if there's no outerwear. And one of the classic fall pieces in outwear is the trench coat. Whether you opt for a typical khaki color coat or a multi-colored coat, there's no going wrong with a trench coat.


One of the appeals of a trench coat is that it elevates any look. Whether you are dressed up or completely casual, the trench coat pulls everything together. When you pair sneakers with a trench coat, you get a chic look that's perfect for an errand day in the fall. Goop recommends several options for your trench and sneakers, including using your trench as a pop of color. Taking dopamine dressing to a new level, try styling classic white sneakers with a vibrant color that will stand out in the gloomy fall weather.

Carolyn Artenson of My Chic Obsession also reminds us that the trench coat can pull double duty of keeping you warm and elevating a sporty look. Artenson recommends throwing a trench coat over a pair of leggings, a hoodie, and a baseball cap. Not only does the trench help dress up this sport look, but it gives you that typical French look everyone loves.


Go all out with some leather

One of the biggest trends of the fall 2022 fashion season is leather everything. From leather pants to leather tops, it will be the must-have material for all of your newest clothes. Because leather will be such a popular choice this season, why not pair it with your most comfortable sneakers?


Since leather is such an edgy fabric, it could use a clean pair of sneakers to liven it up and break up the grunginess. One popular option if you seek a pair of comfortable leather leggings for your sneakers is the SPANX Faux Leather Leggings. These leggings are one of the top best-sellers at Nordstrom and hold a 4.4 rating out of over 3,500 reviews on the retailer's site. Coming in both regular and petite sizing, these leather leggings are perfect to pair with clean white sneakers as they hit right above the ankle, giving you the chance to show off your kicks.

Another leather option to use to compliment your sneakers is a quality leather jacket. Not only do leather jackets give you the biker style (that's also on trend for the season), but it helps keep you warm during the fall months. Lucy Hale sported this ensemble and showed us how even with just a touch of leather, your look is picture-worthy. This same look could also be dressed up by swapping out your leggings for je,ans and you have the perfect fall lunch outfit.