How To Transition Your Mini Skirt From Summer To Fall

With the start of the fall season, there's one item you need to make sure you have in your closet: the mini skirt. The mini skirt has long been the must-have for the spring and summer seasons as it helps us look chic but keep cool during warmer months. However, thanks to the resurgence of the mini skirt, and its micro mini skirt variation, there's no putting this item away.

Much of the current obsession with mini skirts is due to the explosion of popularity of the micro-mini skirt. Thanks to Miu Miu and their controversial Chino Mini Skirt, the mini skirt is once again in the spotlight. Whether you love or hate the micro mini skirt trend, there's no denying that it has opened the door to mini skirts once again. Although the micro skirt may not be for everyone, the classic mini skirt is still a great piece to wear in the fall season. Despite the drop in temperatures, there are many ways you can wear this piece without having to worry about freezing temperatures.

Style it with tights

One of the classic ways to sport a mini skirt during the fall season is by pairing it with tights underneath. Whether you opt for colored, nude, white, or black tights, this combination makes for a classic outfit. There's no denying that adding a chic pair of tights underneath a mini skirt adds a layer of preppy fashion to any look. Reminiscent of school fashion, this combination was a favorite of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl.

Another fan of this combination is the fashion house Chanel. During Chanel's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, we saw the brand style their iconic tweed mini skirts with knit-colored tights underneath. This combination is perfect for winter if you are looking to add a splash of color while keeping your legs warm in the cold.

If you want a less subtle pairing, you could always pair printed tights with your printed mini skirt. In the Emilio Pucci Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, we saw how this pairing, styled with various other bright colors and prints, can make sure you stand out against a gloomy fall day. Whether you opt for a classic, preppy pairing or a colorful, statement combination, there's no going wrong with a skirt and tights look.

Pair it with a turtleneck or long-sleeve

While wearing a mini skirt is fun, once the temperatures start to lower, it can get a little chilly. That's why you want to make sure you protect the rest of your body with warm layers. To keep the same chic style throughout the rest of your look, try pairing your mini skirt with a warm turtleneck long sleeve. Not only will this look give you a chic academia style, but it will make sure you keep warm during colder days.

MasterClass suggests, "When you're wearing a skirt for a casual winter outfit, layer a thin turtleneck under a thick cardigan or pull-over sweater to protect your torso from the elements." There's no denying that this combination of pieces also serves as a chic way to layer your look or to sport a preppy, academic outfit. This feeling is especially true in the fall season when styles like dark academia are popular aesthetics you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. Stitch Fix reiterates that this combination of dark-colored turtlenecks and skirts is the perfect way to incorporate a darker preppy look. You can also brighten up your hues to recreate a light academia vibe. Whether you opt for a dark or light academia look, this vintage-style combination is a timeless, chic option for fall.

Wear it with tall boots

Tall boots are the least obvious choice when looking for the perfect footwear to go with your mini skirt. The natural way of pairing your mini skirt would be to show off your legs in flats or other shoes. However, when in the fall, anything goes.

This combination of a mini skirt with tall boots that cover most of your leg is the newest fall trend pairing you need to try out. As previously seen on model Emily Ratajkowski, a pair of tall boots and mini skirts is a playful and chic look that is also a great way to protect your legs from a bitter wind. Like with tights, using tall boots in our look helps you keep warm and stylish with your mini skirt. However, you don't only need to opt for black leather boots. With so many fabrics and colors, there's a tall boot to go with any outfit.

Take it from fashion content creator Emmanuelle Koffi who opted for matching lilac purple boots and a lilac cardigan to go with her mini skirt. Matching your outfit with your boots is the perfect way to take your mini skirt to the next level by adding a pop of color to stand out.

Add a blazer

Although wearing a matching blazer and mini skirt set may seem too reminiscent of a boarding school outfit, this ensemble has become one of the chicest outfit trends in the last couple of years.

A matching set consisting of a blazer and mini skirt is also the easiest way to put together an outfit in record time without much extra thought. At Alessandra Rich's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, we saw how a matching houndstooth or tartan matching blazer and mini skirt can look effortless and well put together. Mixing prints in a matching set is also a foolproof way of creating a statement outfit without the need for too many different pieces.

Using a matching set to style your mini skirt is also an ode to '60s mod fashion. As we saw at Dior's Spring/Summer 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, this matching combination can be used in neutrals or pops of colors to create a chic workwear-inspired outfit. Whether you wear a different hue underneath your blazer or wear the blazer closed, this combination is a smart look that will make it seem as if you spent much more time on your outfit.

Go for a chunky sweater

Like any fall outfit, you can never exclude the chunky sweater. When styling a mini skirt, a chunky, oversized sweater can act as the perfect balance when dealing with a slim mini skirt. This balance not only looks appealing to the eye but gives you an uplevel to a classic fall piece. As Lookastic mentions, this pairing is perfect for a casual everyday fall look. You can also mix different fabrics to create a more interesting look.

Styleoholic recommends mixing in a leather mini skirt with a chunky knit sweater to add variety in fabrics and textures. This adds another element to your look, which can help it not seem monotone. As well, adding a leather mini skirt can help harden your look a bit if you aren't keen on an entirely feminine look.

Regardless of which style you go towards, you can't go wrong with a comfortable chunky knit sweater and mini skirt, especially on days that merit some extra softness on top.